Yournal A fine place for content

Throughout my career I've encountered one problem several times. Businesses and organizations are build upon knowledge, but this knowledge is often scattered across the company. Employees struggle to find the right knowledge and let valuable knowledge rest in closets or a server far away.

Yournal is created to make sure every piece of valuable content is available right at your fingertips. It's an advanced blog system that lets every employee read content they are looking for and share their own valuable articles.

But more important, it has finally become a place that focusses only on the content and it's beauty.

It is a website or an app?

To make sure that every article can be read at every time, we created an webapp. It runs smoothly on iOS and Android devices and also on every browser, therefore the right content is always available.

We designed a scalable UI to make sure it fits every single operating system or browser, while focussing on the one thing that matters: the content.