Miffy A playfull website

Miffy is one of the best known children's book characters known in the Netherlands and even Japan. Dick Bruna's beautiful, yet simple approach at creating Miffy is one of the most inspiring design philosophies I've seen. To help children experience this philosophy, Miffy asked Netvlies to create a new digital environment where this philosophy truly lives.

We worked hard to create a new website which focusses entirely on the users, children. It let's children experience Miffy through playfull interaction and games. Each educative and hilarious.

Validated learning

To make sure every child wil find every game without any disturbance and every parent wil find every piece of information about a book, we made use of several design sprints. After every sprint we validated the design choices to make sure both users can find their goals without being distracted by other information.

This process really helped us understand how children, aged 1-4, interact with touch devices, games, books and computers. It helped us create a website which they really enjoy using.