BredaPhoto International photo festival

BredaPhoto is one of the largest international photo festivals in the Netherlands with over 80.000 visitors each edition. To help every visitor find an exposition that they really love, BredaPhoto approached Netvlies. We helped BredaPhoto understand what moves their visitors and how they behave during the festival.

We redefined every step in the customer journey to make sure that you can enjoy BredaPhoto at it's fullest potential. The result, a huge boost in sales and a better customer experience through a new website and strategy.

Feel every photo

To enrich the User Experience at one of the largest expositions, we created a new app. Because the photos used in the exposition are over 5 meters tall and spread across a lot of square meters, we needed to redefine the app's User Experience. We created an app that let's you experience every photo at the exposition just by walking to it.

It will let you hear stories, view interesting articles about the photo and see more work of the photographer. A truly compelling experience.